ask_my_stars (ask_my_stars) wrote,

Horrors Found Me When I Was Young

Horrors found me when I was young.

They still hang from my heart, with weight over a ton.

Sadness and pain when my life had just begun.

Now, I wonder who am I?

Is it okay to still cry?

How much did my past effect myself?

How much longer can I manage at my current mental health?

How much longer can I keep my secrets hidden well beneath lies and stealth?

Horrors found me when my life just began.

I remember how I ineffectively ran and ran.

Now, I wonder who am I?

I watch you happy people pass me by.

Shopping, eating, hanging out together...

In my world I'm always stuck in a tornado of memories, torture and stormy weather.

Tags: anxiety, depression, pain, post traumatic stress disorder, ptsd, sadness

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